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Raining SoChange

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with SoChange – a social impact development group doing great work for the local and global community. Our newly formed Raining SoChange partnership will allow us to help both businesses and charities maximize their impact for social good by creating meaningful Integrated Social Change Campaigns. Our combination of strategic brand development and dynamic social impact expertise will mean a stronger splash and ripple effect is created to foster positive social and economic change.

Together, we will help businesses find their passion and charities expand their vision with the triple bottom line approach of PeoplePlanet, and Prosperity

You can see our latest project in the work section of our website. We are proud to be working alongside the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) to help them create a thought provoking and inspirational Inclusive Canada event. Our efforts to help them rebrand, reposition and create lasting awareness is evidenced through their new print and digital communications strategy.