We helped Raffi Jewellers create their own defining-moment by assembling an expert team of writers, photographers, designers and editors that truly defined the creative process required to quickly develop a dynamic lifestyle magazine. Strategically, we helped position Modalina as a unique offering in the category – an occasion-based jewellery editorial that focused on solutions for the personal and intimate moments in one’s life.

Custom Content

Our Approach to Custom Content

In what is now a vastly different media landscape compared to just five years ago, exclusive brands face more challenges in securing authoritative editorial coverage, connecting with target customers and raising their profile.

The RC solution to this unique situation is an inspired one: a custom content offering that represents the perfect hybrid between a pure luxury lifestyle piece and a branded book.

Informed by customer insights, developed over a decade in working with exclusive brands and lifestyle publications, and available in either print or digital form, this solution is engineered to create a super-strong bond between brands and customers.

The secret to the success of our branded content offering is a talented group of designers, photographers and writers who produce award-winning work covering such topic areas as: art and architecture, automotive, business, design, fashion, film and television, music, technology, travel and more.