What’s in a Name

Trying to define what exactly a brand is can be difficult because it’s not exactly tangible. It’s the combination of a company’s history, reputation, and how it makes its customers feel. It’s the sum of a product or company’s parts: price, packaging, name, and what it stands for. It gives a product meaning. It’s what makes people excited, indifferent, or critical about a product. When people are talking about your company, they’re often talking about your brand.

When customers advocate for a company, what do you hear them say? That it’s high-quality? That they have environmentally-conscious practices? That the packaging is thoughtfully designed? These things are part of the brand and are essential to consider when marketing the product or service.

Picture this: Dan is a cattle breeder who has been in the business of registered Angus cattle for decades. Ride around in the pasture with Don, and he can tell you the parentage of every animal. He has invested his life in breeding the best registered Angus cattle possible. He’s never thought about business brands, about emotional experiences, or even about logos. However, he cares about his reputation and the service he provides his buyers. He brands his bulls with a DZ on the right hip. Everyone in the bull business knows that brand and knows that it means a good bull. The lesson? It’s not the brand that makes the bull valuable. It’s Don’s reputation. The brand is just a way of showing it.                                                           

You might have a top-quality product but finding the right way to brand it can feel overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Raining Brand & Design is a Toronto-based graphic design and branding studio ready to help form and shape your brand in a way your customers will be proud to talk about. We are a diverse team of experienced thinkers that can expand a brand’s visual presence with enticing design and scope out the right words to explain your product or service. Let us help you create a brand identity that will get people talking.

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